Meet the Birds

The Kererū

The Kererū or New Zealand wood-pigeon is a conspicuous bird usually heard before seen. Kererū are important. Since the extinction of the Moa, the kererū  are now the only birds left that can swallow fruit greater than 12 mm in diameter and dispersing the seed again whole. This means that the future of our native trees is closely linked to the survival of our kererū.

What can you do to help?

Plant trees in your garden to encourage kererū to visit. Kererū have adapted their diet over the years to eat plants that are both native and exotic.

Examples of these include wineberry, Coprosma, cabbage tree, broadleaf, pigeonwood, southern rata, puriri, miro, matai, kōwhai, wattle, Scottish broom, tree lucerne, holly, Laburnum, Virgillia, silver poplar, flowering cherry/plum, pear, pillow, and rowan.

Meet the Charities.

Bird Shirts is currently supporting grassroots charities that are helping out Kererū in the South Island. We are looking forward to expanding our support for native birds as our range grows. 

Project Kererū

Project Kererū is a voluntary community-based conservation project that is changing the fate of sick and injured kererū in the South Island. You can follow them on Facebook here.

Meet Us. 

Bird Shirts is run by a small team of two based in Christchurch who have a passion for all thing birdsWe started Bird Shirts to provide kiwis with an opportunity to support the birds they love and wear their image proudly on their chest.